About Us

Word Works Emerging Leadership Corporation (WELC) is a leadership development company providing cutting edge business solutions to companies and organizations in the training sector, website and publishing services, motivations, skills development and planning for business growth. WELC as a leadership company aims at delivering the best business solutions to businesses in a most fulfilling way through special seminars and team building and offering effective strategies for business development.

WELC embraces the minority as well as the majority; the poor as well as the rich. Its establishment is designed to meeting leadership needs of corporations and providing development techniques and inputs to business. Though the business has a supply component of certain products at customers wish, the focus is long term strengthening and empowerment business and households at both micro and macro economic levels.

Welcome to our online space

Please look around at what we do and have done, and see what we can do for you and your products or business.

Our mandate

To empower humanity through amazing products that are accessible to the masses.

We aim to give young entreprenuers a headstart in life through motivational speaking and teachings, self employment tactics and anything we can manage to do to make it happen. Contact us for more info.


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