Our Services

WELC will offer the following services:

Publishing house – designing websites, books, brochures, T- shirt design and printing; business cards; and other printing solutions.

Website sales – Creating and stocking of cutting edge domain names, hosting solutions and providing other networking services.

Business consulting – Helping businesses, business coaching, and general business facilitation.

Skills development – To provide life skills in carpentry, farming, computer, secretarial and construction skills.

Facilitate business deals – Negotiate and create business deals between local and international companies and establish business networks.

Product development - WELC will be involved in extensive research into product development for the African market.

Leadership training – The heart of WELC is leadership development and training for businesses and companies, to provide business education to new businessmen and women.

Motivational series – To offer motivational series to companies; to facilitate business deals between local business people; to provide leadership solutions to companies.

Shirt Printing – WELC has established a designing product for the making of T-Shirt designs and labels that first class and communicative.




Welcome to our online space

Please look around at what we do and have done, and see what we can do for you and your products or business.

Our mandate

To empower humanity through amazing products that are accessible to the masses.

We aim to give young entreprenuers a headstart in life through motivational speaking and teachings, self employment tactics and anything we can manage to do to make it happen. Contact us for more info.

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