Our Technologies

WELC is equipped with excellent designing and printing facilities operated at our existing offices. Qualified designers work from the office using latest equipments. Within the existing office structure, we have special consulting offices for leadership, coaching, business development, preparation of training materials and manuals for different purposes.

WELC accommodates many needs in the leadership and business sectors of life. Our company focuses on the implementation and the development of SMME and BEE driven corporations. Considering that SA is a business or market driven economy, WELC will apply extensive business dynamics in every area of business.

Operations and development of business concepts is an ongoing process at WELC and are aimed at addressing the needs of the community. The T-Shirt printing and publishing house will operate six days a week designing and producing quality T-Shirts for the market. Negotiations are underway with companies regarding the creation of labels to the preference of clients.

Quality assurance systems at WELC are guaranteed and our services rendered will be subjected to further check and testing by the product assurance control committee. Procedures for monitoring and evaluation will be implemented to ensure that deliverables come with quality and affordability.

Certification and Standard: - WELC will abide by the standards required for various boards in the leadership sector and production development fields. WELC will ensure that the product carries a proper and acceptable certification.

Welcome to our online space

Please look around at what we do and have done, and see what we can do for you and your products or business.

Our mandate

To empower humanity through amazing products that are accessible to the masses.

We aim to give young entreprenuers a headstart in life through motivational speaking and teachings, self employment tactics and anything we can manage to do to make it happen. Contact us for more info.

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